episode 5 Agia Eirini - Spilia
The aqueduct bridge of Agia Irini at Spilia is the largest construction in the entire length of the Venetian Aqueduct Morosini which carried water to the city of Heraklion.

heraklion walls episode iu

episode 4 (KARYDAKI)
map in the beginning of video. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edi...​ 
Here we meet the #Venetian#aqueduct​ of #Morosini​ at Karydaki, which crosses the river that runs through Sylamos Gorge and ends up at Knossos.
 This bridge was built on the site of a very important spring, which supplied Candia, today's #Heraklion​ city, with water after running a huge distance for those times. 
The water passed through the aqueducts of Morosini and reached the fountain of the central square of the town (today's lions square in Heraklion) after 15km. 
On the bridge there is an inscription with the date 1627. The aqueducts of #Candia​ watered Heraklion till 1927! This project was so important, that Morosini minted special coins depicting Zeus pouring water from Youktas Mountain. Nobody was allowed to plant trees at a distance of 10 feet, so as not to damage the tubes.


heraklion walls. episode iii

episode 3 (FORTEZZA)
 I try to explore through  these series Venetian's constructions. I name them #HeraklionWalls​ and i try to discover this era of Heraklion through these videos. 
This is one of the aqueducts of the 15km long Venetian aqueduct starting from Archanes and carrying water to the Fountain of Lions, in the center of Heraklion. There is one emblem and an inscription at the central part of the bridge show in the beggining of the video. 
The terrain of the region required the construction of the aqueducts at Karydaki, Syllamos, Fortezza and Tris Kamares (today's Eleftherias Square) and other technical projects. The water from the sources of Giouchtas area was dumped into the water channel and with natural flow crossed the aqueducts in the area of Sylamos and #Fortezza​ and ended in the famous Fountain of the Lions.
 The project took only 14 months to complete and was inaugurated on April 25, 1628, on the feast day of Saint Mark, the patron of Venice and operated till 1927. 

heraklion walls episode ii

episode 2 (walk on the walls)
#heraklion#crete#wallsofHeraklion​ a walk on the top of Heraklion Venetian Walls , a very nice idea. 
this is episode 2 of walls of heraklion series. Heraklion venetian walls series. Episode II.
areas visited  00:00​ Kazantzakis Tomb. 00:20​ Martinengo Bastion 01:18​ Beginng of Path (North Side - Near the port) 02:24​ View of the renewed Korakas Stadium 03:26​ Over Komeno Benteni

episode I (Cultural and Conference Center of Heraklion)
A very interesting area of Heraklion. 
Part of Heraklion Venetian Walls in this video appear Kommeno Benteni, South East part of Venetian Walls, Cultural and Conference Center of Heraklion Kzantzakis Tomp on the walls and finally Faneromeni square and the statue of "Mother" by Tzobanakis Manolis . . . 
Music of Video Summer romantico - Chris Paparounis by The Storyteller is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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