Strouboulas: Exploring the Sacred Mountain of Heraklion, Crete
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Today, we explore the enchanting world of Stroumboulas, the tallest mountain in Heraklion. 
At its summit, where the sky meets the earth, nature dances to an ancient rhythm.
 Enjoy panoramic views, beautiful hiking trails, and the magical world hidden within this sacred mountain. Join us on this nature and adventure-filled journey!

Does Greece have hot air balloons? Did you know that you can fly with Air Hot Balloon in Lasithi, Crete ? 
That is a fact. At 3rd of June 2022 Municipality of Lasithi presented Lasithi High an Hot Air Ballooning Festival for first time flights in Crete. The event took place at Saint's John "kampitis" church in the middle of Lasithi PLateau. It was presented the tourism program of Municilaity of Lasithi and introduced the new action of Hot Air Ballooning in Lasithi PLateau. The view of Lasithi is breathtaking from above especially experincing it through a flight with hot air balloon. Hot air ballooning flights are something new and unique in Crete You can book your flight at
Snow is something we see rarely in Crete but this in not happening at highlands of Crete.
 One of the tall mountains of Crete and Greece is Dikti where #Lasithi Plateau is located. 
Its altimeter is not so high, just 800 meters above the sea but is a place which is really cold and every winder snows a lot. 
people leaving in Heraklion or in the cities by the sea , after it snows and having a good weather they visit the impressive plateau to adore it covered in white. The views are really impressive with the drone and really unique. 
So, Snow is the most impressive reason to adore Lasithi Plateau #Crete #Greece

breathtaking views of marathos

There are places in Crete that are breathtaking ....... depending on the view of Recording. One of this places is Marathos Maleviziou at Heraklion Crete. 
In this video a cave is presented with historical value for the Area. it is said to be 80 meters deep and then 200 meters horizontal going to the other side of hill. 
inside this cave now live thousand of Birds.... 
Also from this point are visible Leuka Ori, Psiloritis and the mountains of Lasithi. All the mountains opf Crete in one Shot !!!!!  Mobile 
Music in the video is Erotokritos by Alegros Gramma Alegros Gramma: alto saxophone Vasilios Oikonomidis: piano Stavros Dadoush: el. bass Leandros Fratnik: drums
Three unique Places in one video. A little south from Hersonissos , little kilomentres away from Heraklion a place that you can not often meet in crete. 
A Resort, The cretan Golf Club and aposelemis Gorge.
Views from my drone during area exloration. 

Sunday 10.05.2020. The weather is perfect and decided to go to Giouhtas. At the top of the Mountain there is the church of Afentis Christos. The mountain Giouhtas was a holy mountain from ancient times.

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